15 Wild Inventions Coming Out In 2017

15. The Google Hat

One of the coolest new inventions set to come out this year is the “Google Hat.” If you remember, a few years ago Google tried their hand at wearable devices with the infamous Google glasses. That was one of the biggest failures that Google ever experienced. Now they’re taking another swing at it, but this time they’re putting cameras on a hat instead of a pair of specs.
The hat features a camera that is able to take photos and record video, which is seamlessly integrated into a wearable baseball-style hat. It’s primarily designed as a way to share your experiences to social media, but the patent filed by Google also describes potential safety features: “The user can activate an emergency situation indicator and cause the wearable camera system to transmit a video feed to an appropriate emergency handling system, potentially deterring a dangerous person near the user.”

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